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Address:South of Yuncun bridge, Wujin district of city Changzhou
Name:Mr Fu
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    Changzhou Dazhong Automobile parts Co.Ltd was founded in 1993. As an automobile parts manufacturer, we are very professional in the plastic parts making and sheet metal forming. There are mainly three kinds of products in our company, the vacuum thermoforming, FRP(fiber glass reinforced plastics) handmade and SMC forming, and sheet metal forming. The products include the cover of cars, construction machinery , forklifts, agricultural vehicles ,ATVs, golf carts, etc. our products also can used in electronic equipment ,textile machinery, medical equipments and other daily plastic equipments. We have a good cooperation with some famous companies from U.S, France and Germany, and win a reputation of good quality and good service.....[more.....]
    the vacuum thermo forming is an advanced plastic processing technics, adapt to large-scale, small batch and non-standard plastic parts. it has the character of lower mould cost, shorter empoldering and manufacture time comparing to the injection mold technics. so it can cut down the cost and the time of manufacture.
    we cooperate with shanghai non-metal material research institution and develop vacuum thermoforming equipment which is advanced in china. we mainly produce the vacuum thermoforming parts with the thickness 0.12-10mm and the biggest scale of the product is 3000x2000x800mm .we can use the material of abs、hips、pc、pp、pvc、pet、acrylic, etc and we have unique experience in abs vacuum thermoforming.
    the products of our company are mainly the following:
    automobile parts (interior plastic decoration of bus, construction machinery, trucks, agricultural carts; covering of atv and go carts).
   the parts and the coverings of the electronics.
   the parts and the coverings of textile machinery.
   the parts of the medical equipments.
we have a strong r&d capability and would like to provide all kinds of plastic products solutions. [ more products ]
    the fiber glass reinforced plastics (frp) is a new compound material. it has many strongpoints comparing to the traditional metal material.
    4-5 times lighter than steel with the same intension, which is very adapt to the covering of the cars and boats.
    insulation, which is adapt to the electronics and the instruments.     anti-cauterization, it can stay in the acid, alkali or wet circumstance, and also can against the animalcule. this point is very good for containers of acid or alkali material, water tanks.
    easy to shape, the sculpts of frp products can be more various and complicated comparing to the metal products.
    the frp products manufacture is one of our company’s main business and we have plenty of experience in this area. the products are mainly the following:
    the automobile parts( back and front wall of the bus, bumper, engine cover of the construction machinery, air deflector of trucks, covering of the golf carts,etc)
    industrial products in frp (electrolyte trough ,water tank, air way, covering of the radar.)
     civilian products in frp(awning, frp chairs, flower pot, garbage bin, entertainment equipments,etc.)
    we have a strong r&d capability and would like to provide all kinds of plastic products solutions. [ more products ]
SMC(Sheet Molding compound), is a most efficient method of FRP forming, compared with handmade FRP craft, it has many advantages: 1.Short production cycle, better for mass production. 2.No more cutting, environment friendly. 3.All operation is by machine, easy molding. 4.High precision, smooth surface, higher quality. 5. Lower labor cost and product cost. [ more products ]
Our company has 3 stamping machines: 1500 tons, 800 tons and 120 tons machine. The maximum size of working table is 3800x2500mm, the opening height is 1800mm and the slider stroke is 1200mm. We also have laser cutting robot, that improve the processing precision and efficiency. Our company has cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology to design the mold, we can provide customers a full range of sheet metal solution! [ more products ]
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